She was saved with a defibrillator, and her condition was serious

Loreto – She suddenly fell to the ground, and had a heart attack while working out in the gym. Secret entry…

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Loreto – She suddenly fell to the ground, and had a heart attack while working out in the gym. Precautionary intervention for trainers who used Electric shock device to the facility to save her life. Her heart is beating again, but the woman is now hospitalized at Torit Hospital, on hemodynamics, where she arrived code red.

Fear in the afternoon at the gym in Loreto where a 63-year-old woman suffered a heart attack at the end of a training session. The alarm was immediately sounded to Nue 112. While waiting for the 118 to arrive, the gym staff used a defibrillator to rescue the woman, who had already been resuscitated and then urgently transported to the regional hospital by ambulance. Unfortunately, his condition is still serious.

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