She is the queen of broadcasting

The world of broadcasting has a new queen: Disney. with 221 million subscribers Registered at the end of the second quarter, Burbank, California platform, End the dominance of Netflix: Last July, the company headed by Reed Hastings registered 220.67 million subscribers.

There is also another novelty. Disney has announced that it will be introducing a new subscription offer starting December 8, which will include ads. It will do so first and foremost in the United States. As a result, individual subscription rates have been reformulated Disney + And those planned for a Disney bundle show, which also includes hollow and Espn+, Walt Disney’s other two platforms.

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Disney + beats Netflix

  • The Walt Disney Company was informed in a official note That video streaming offerings, including Disney+, Hulu and Espn+, reached 221 million subscribers, thanks to growth of 14.4 million in the second quarter alone. Thus ends the dominance of Netflix, which was the platform with the largest number of subscribers in the world. However, it is important to determine that However, the number of Disney+ subscribers remains less than the number of Netflix subscribers: equals 152.1 million, an increase of 31% compared to 116 million in July 2021.
  • “We ended a stellar quarter, as our creative and commercial teams delivering exceptional performance in our theme parks saw significant increases in live sports views and significant growth in subscribers on our streaming services. With the addition of 14.4 million Disney+ subscribers in the third fiscal quarter, it is now We now have a total of 221 million subscriptions to our broadcast shows.” Pop Network CEO of The Walt Disney Company.
  • Last July, Netflix claimed to have recorded New loss for subscribers Also in the second quarter, equal to 970 thousand subscribers, less than 2 million subscribers in the beginning. Also thanks to the decision to divide the fourth season of the series Weird things, which was definitely a huge success. At the end of the second quarter, Netflix had 220.67 million subscribers.
  • The Walt Disney Company’s quarterly revenue grew 26% year over year, from $17.022 billion (as of July 3, 2021) to $21.054 billion (as of July 2, 2022). Looking at the nine months, it grew 28%, from $48.8 billion to $62.5 billion.
  • Disney’s revenue from media and entertainment grew 3%: from $6.9 billion to $7.1 billion. The increase in nine months is also similar: from $21.39 billion to $22.01 billion.
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Advertising and broadcast

in another place NBDisney has formalized the introduction of a new subscription plan, currently limited to the US, that will include the inclusion of Ads. The aspect that will result in a significant increase in the so-called premium version, that is, without ads: three dollars more per month. The premium version will cost $10.99 per month, while the standard version will cost the current Standard plan (still ad-free): $7.99. The decision may also be dictated by the fact that average monthly revenue per Disney+ subscriber fell in the last quarter from $6.62 to $6.27.

Even Netflix, having repeatedly rejected this hypothesis, is preparing a new subscription, introducing ads. In fact, the competition is now so strong that it is driving up production costs per platform. also AmazonFor example, it has upgraded its subscription plan to Amazon Prime (which also includes Amazon Prime Video), also to be increasingly competitive at the media level. It is no coincidence, in fact, if the TV series Lord of the ringswhich cost about two billion dollars.

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