She drops her credit card and gets stuck outside the car. The death of a 23-year-old student

A tragic end to anyone student 23 years old, raised by frivolous accident. Victoria Strauss She was trapped between him automatic And payment machine Parking area While trying to recover a credit card that slipped to the ground. The young lady is a student Ohio State UniversityHe was in his car when he took out his credit card to pay hourly garage fare. Unfortunately, the card slips out of her hands and falls to the ground, but instead of exiting the car to retrieve it, Victoria decides to open the door and crouch.

The truth was documented through video surveillance cameras, in consultation with the Columbus police, the city where the tragic death occurred, and which depicts the entire sequence. Leaning toward the card, the student accidentally pushed her foot on the throttle of the car that was moving forward, trapping her head between the car door and the garage exit.

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At around 5:40 am on Tuesday morning, the garage security guard called the police, who reported that the young woman’s death had occurred at the moment of the impact, at 11:30 pm the previous day.

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Amelia dies at the age of 11 after being overwhelmed by the wheel of an SUV while waiting for a school bus on the sidewalk

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