She dies at the age of 25 after being eaten by a dog in her sleep: the animal will now kill

She dies at the age of 25 after a dog eats her in her sleep: the animal will kill

Tragedy in England. Since then, a 25-year-old girl has been injured in her sleep cane From a family member. over there Girl Has been called Keira Ladlow And he lived in Birmingham, UK. As mentioned, she was found dead in the bed in which she was sleeping in a relative’s house. The “Sun” newspaper reported the news.

The tragedy occurred two days ago. The dog that killed Kira in her sleep was A. Bullmastiff, A dangerous breed for its size and teeth, but is generally affectionate with the people she’s used to. Kira lived with her extended family and ran a bar and was found dead with her arm completely torn from dog bites.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the accident. Kira lived with some relatives, including the dog’s owners: and the animal, according to reports, seemed quite accustomed to her presence. The investigators described the girl’s death as a “tragic accident,” although some neighbors claimed so Kira Fear of dog aggression. The animal was kidnapped after the tragedy and will be killed.

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