Sharing your Netflix password is a criminal offense

Exchanging passwords for Netflix or Disney + is very popular with friends and family. This is roughly what it looks like third Dutch users flock to someone else’s account. Companies are losing a lot of revenue, but they haven’t been picky about this yet.

This week, the UK copyright watchdog IPO warned UK citizens that sharing streaming subscription passwords is illegal. speaking he told the BBC That sharing of access data is “subject to civil and criminal penalties.” Since users violate the terms of video services, they may be sued by companies. Companies can then claim compensation.

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To date, no streaming service has sued subscribers in this regard. There were also no criminal cases.

The UK Attorney General’s Office says it looks into these cases on a case-by-case basis and stresses the need for a police investigation first. According to the BBC, “there is no indication that the British police will open an investigation” into this crime. In the Netherlands, this is not a criminal law, but the streaming service can seek compensation in a civil case.

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