Shaman Jake Angeli vs. Trump: ‘I want to testify at the impeachment trial’

Jacob Chansley, better known in the news as Chansley, better known in the news as JakeJake Angeli: He was a shamanQunun was a shaman Raided the US Capitol for the outgoing President. His look, defined in a soothing whimsical way, quickly earned him the lights of irony: a fur coat, Viking horns and tribal makeup on his face. He seemed ready to do anything to defend Trump. Trump card.

Now, in addition to claiming, through his attorney, that he was “cheated” by the former Republican president, he desires to take action and winds up among those accused of the Capitol Hill events. Capitol Hill. From a brave leader from the Trump case pointing an accusing finger to his political idol, the step for the shaman was swift. Trump was pointing an accusing finger at his political idol, the move the shaman took was quick.

He had requested pardon from Donald Trump as one of the last actions before leaving the White House for the administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but the former president never granted him that, and perhaps also for choosing a politician after the turmoil in Congress. . Therefore, Angeli remained in prison despite “admiring former President Trump” and may be in this latest wave of disappointment that is now declaring that he feels cheated and cheated by the Republican leader.

Trump’s trial will start on February 8 and will not be presided over by Chief Justice John Roberts, but interim Senate Chairman Patrick Leahy. Trump will start on February 8th and will be chaired by not Chief Justice John Roberts, but President pro-Senate Patrick Leahy. Trump cardTrump is the first president in US history to have been charged twice, and the fourth in US history .

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