Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, review

After a month of trying Shadowverse: Hero BattleWe come back with more experience and more cards to tell you about the game as a whole. Our adventure in Tensei Academy is over and it’s time to sum up this captivating JRPG, which is far from the usual clone wishing to chase Yu-Gi-Oh’s glory! It has occupied its space over time. Originally, Shadowverse was (and still is) a computer card game without any anime, or generally childish, connotations: more oriented towards Magic: The Gathering Atmosphere, it has achieved increasing success, so much so that it has decided to expand its universe and create an animated series to make it more appealing to very youngsters. .

From here we moved on to developing Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, a Relationship From anime featuring main characters to bring the game to life where players, as students who have just moved to Tensei Academy, instantly engage in exciting Shadowverse battles that drive everyone crazy – boys and more. For all fans of card games and their complexity, but also for those looking for light stories as a side dish, this is the perfect title to immerse yourself in, also thanks to the portability of the Nintendo Switch.

So let’s discover Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle in ours reconsidering.

A world to explore

Shadowverse: Champion's Battle, the protagonist with other characters
Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, the protagonist with other characters

the History We summarized it in part above. Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle puts us in the shoes of a classic student who just moved to Tensei Academy, a school where the card game Shadowverse is very popular among its many activities. By a series of coincidences, the protagonist (or) will find himself involved in protecting the school club assigned to the Shadowverse, which is in dire straits, to the point of having to compete in the national championships. After quickly creating our character, we are ready to start our adventure, card after card, challenge after challenge, deck after deck. The story of Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle is told through a series of visual novel-style in-game videos and conversations, all dubbed entirely in English (but not subtitled in Italian). There’s more dialogue than you think, for a game involving middle school kids, but we have to admit that the scenes are not intrusive, and in any case, if we’re not interested in following them, we can skip them entirely. However, some of the side missions and character interactions are fun and well worth the little time you take.

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Shadowverse: Champion's Battle, the student council president is the first obstacle to overcome
Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, the student council president is the first obstacle to overcome

Speaking of side quests, Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle puts everything at our disposal A world to explore When not participating in a card battle. Between one historical event and another, we are free to roam multiple places, inside and outside the school, to collect money or cards, and challenge people who are not students but above all accept different missions to get the most rewards.

In addition, the game contains a number of missions Similar to the mechanics of Social Link in Persona 4 for deepening the relationship with our companions: the payoff is excellent, considering the original material, and can diversify well based on the personality of the character in question. Due to its nature as a tie-in to the anime, Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle isn’t the classic mechanical experience in which we grind floors upon floors with the sole goal of getting stronger. The effort in building the game world is commendable, and from the point of view of the main campaign, it’s really like enjoying a long episode of an animated series.

Last Card Challenge

Shadowverse: Champion's Battle, card games are serious business
Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, card games are serious business

When it comes to getting out there and showing off our skills as players, Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle shines the most. If you have already tried the original version for PC, you will not find anything new that will surprise you: File matches They face each other in exactly the same way. For anyone who fasts into the Shadowverse universe, it can be described as a mixture of Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering with enough exclusivity to not be a copy of either. Above all, like any card game, it is wrong to downplay it by thinking that it is only children because it is closely related to anime. You need strategy and planning from the start if you don’t want to be demolished before you even understand how it happened.

Especially since Shadowverse differs in fileabsence of mass: Creatures, here called followers, can freely attack the opposing player regardless of any enemies on the field. The only way to prevent this is to play the so-called Wards, creatures that launch attacks on them and become the only target until they are destroyed. Therefore, the essence of the experience is to create the right balance between attack and defense, completely avoiding neglecting the fact that you can always be vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Another basic mechanics ishas evolved, which unlocks after a certain number of turns and allows, in fact, to evolve your creatures by making them get more attack, defense and even special effects if the card allows it. From the moment they are activated, Evolution Points can be used at any time, even salvaged until the final stages of the duel: it depends on us, our strategy, and we assure you that they can really make the difference between victory and defeat. Upgrading an object you just played allows you to attack on the same turn (which is otherwise impossible) but to avoid excessive imbalance you can only target opposing creatures and not the player. However, this allows you to re-balance, or even take advantage of a particular situation.

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Shadowverse: Champion's Battle, Evolution is another core mechanism of the game
Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, Evolution is another core mechanism of the game

Of all the mechanics, evolution is what we like the most in Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, especially since it also takes into account the order of play: the player who starts first will have fewer evolution points, unlike the second who will have more. – He can even draw an extra card during the first turn. This does not mean that starting at the end is always an advantage, in the end we play cards and a lot of it is entrusted to luck when hunting. Not to mention that Action Points, needed to play any card, increase by one unit per turn, as long as you’re not using cards that speed up the process: in that sense, being second puts us at a disadvantage. Because of the diversity of the clashes, there are several deck typesEach has its own characteristics, on which we base our entire style. Other than neutral cards, no other type can be assigned to a type other than the one they belong to, making it easier to manage decks without getting lost in endless combinations.

In addition, there is deck code: By defeating a player, we can get his deck token, store it in the device and possibly recreate it if we have the necessary cards. Deck Code’s set is more than enough to satisfy everyone’s taste, or at least give an excellent basis for making small changes. It is clear that the higher the level of the defeated player (even the Grand Master), the better his group, as well as the more complex its creation. The necessary cards are obtained by defeating opponents, and it is always advisable to focus on those similar to our type, whether by buying them at the stations or trying your luck on the sleeves. Combining all three helps speed up the process, but, especially when getting rid of packages, it’s all a matter of luck. It may take a moment like a few hours to assemble what is necessary. Overall, while Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle doesn’t offer for anyone who knows what innovation it is, it does make its paper game an engaging and challenging enough experience to keep us glued to the end of the story and beyond.

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Shadowverse: Champion's Battle, the school leaving trip every now and then is good to find new items and challengers
Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, the school leaving trip every now and then is good to find new items and challengers

To the thirty hours needed to complete the main plot, we must add those expenses to the secondary quests, and if we are complete, we must add to collecting each card separately. There is also Online mode, which we didn’t get to experience until its launch, but it follows the same logic as the main game with a few additions: In addition to being able to challenge each other from all over the world and exchange Deck Code for each other, there is a Battle Pass system that allows us level after level to get rewards with relevant increasing value. Experience points are obtained by defeating other players, or by completing both daily and “long-term” missions, which can vary from the number of defeated opponents to the use of certain cards in the game and many more.

We were not convinced that there was a Battle Pass Premium, which allows you to unlock even greater rewards by paying a certain amount: given the type of game, it seems to us a completely unnecessary and, in fact, very inconvenient element. While I might want to challenge other players to the Shadowverse, for a PvP-only experience, there’s the original for PC: a tie game would have been limited to offering the online component as a habit, without necessarily implementing a paid system that is useless.

In conclusion, Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle has technically proven conservative, although there are occasional drops in frame rates and there is an excessive recycling of secondary character models. The soundtrack itself is particularly memorable. For the rest it’s a fun and enjoyable experience, even for those who know the original game inside out, tainted by the presence of the Battle Pass Premium.

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