“Sexual assault by teammates”

It’s a storm Australia After the interview with Lisa de Vana, a former striker in Matildas He has a past in Fiorentina, where he has deplored the horrific harassment of his former teammates. “Have you been sexually harassed? Yes, were you bullied? Yes? forsaken? Yes, did I see things that made me feel uncomfortable? YesHe told the Sydney Daily Telegraph. His stories were confirmed and backed by a former teammate, Alicia Karnavasand its former manager, rose carnation. another former player, Raleigh DobsonShe stated that she was harassed as soon as she joined the team.

What did the Australian Federation say?

The Football Association of Australia said it was not aware of the incident but announced an internal investigation. Australia will host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023. Recently, cases of abuse have been reported in women’s gymnastics and hockey. The Swimming Federation launched an investigation after a swimmer left the national team before Tokyo Olympics for having “misogynistic perverts“.

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