Several new details on the game from 343 Industries –

343 Industries issued a Video From questions and answers with the developers, which have been unveiled Too many details it’s a Infinite aura, The upcoming new chapter of the saga scheduled for release at the end of the year. 44 minutes of pure joy for the fans.

Among the details that were revealed stand out:

  • The ring Zeta Halo It will be displayed in full 3D and will create a miniature eclipse when the sun passes behind it. Players will be able to visit it and push the enemies down (being careful not to fall).
  • Players will be able to follow the main story or perform advanced objectives. So they will have a great deal of freedom to approach. 343 Industries wants to encourage selection through several sub-tasks.
  • Confirmed the Dynamic weather conditionsWith wind and fog. Storms and snowstorms should be added after launch. The day and night cycle has also been confirmed, which will affect the break sequence.
  • MA head He would not be able to use two weapons at the same time, there would be no enemy animals and no playable elites.
  • In campaign mode you can improveequipment. 343 Industries is studying the possibility of owning various pieces of equipment in custom games (not in basic multiplayer).
  • Graphically The game has been fully revised in response to fan criticism. The hexagonal columns have been reconstructed to look more beautiful. The main biome of the game world remains the Pacific Northwest, but there are many sub-biomes.
  • The Casual encounters With enemies based on what you do (walking, flying, driving). 343 industries don’t want them to be punitive, but they are involved.
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In short, Halo Infinite seems to be a really big game. To see what the final version will look like, we just have to wait for the release scheduled for fall 2021. Who knows if Starfield will compete with him, a Bethesda game rumored for the end of the year, Microsoft just got it (together) to the whole studio).

Halo Infinite: Screenshot from the game

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