Seroja “3B Meteo” alert in Australia

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Tropical storm hits Australia
Tropical storm hits Australia

Alert in Australia for Storm Seruja – These days in the southern hemisphere, eyes are on Tempista Seruga That caused its destructive power already Floods in IndonesiaUnfortunately, a large number of the missing and dead. Once it moved away from the eastern Indonesian coasts towards the open waters of the Indian Ocean, it was believed that it could spare other surrounding areas. Instead, according to the latest modeling calculations, a new, somewhat disturbing scenario appears. The storm is not only expected to strengthen into a tropical cyclone (Cat.1), but its trajectory currently indicates the potential for impacting the western Australian coast. Between Sunday 11 and Monday 12 straight then in the interior regions but retreated closely. At the time of the landing of Seruga, the winds can blow about 200 km / hr accompanied by waves of 7 meters high, in addition to heavy rains and thunderstorms capable of causing other inconveniences, floods and a great danger of the phenomenon of storms.

Perth with a special watch. Most populous city in Western Australia, With 2 million people, right now, looking at a “hurricane track.” It appears to remain at the edge of the densest part of the turbulent system. But with these cycles, it is always best to be alert for any sudden changes in direction.

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