Serbia, the flag of sedition in the locker room: “messages of hate and genocide against Kosovo”

There were protests from Kosovo’s Sports Minister, Hajirullah Čeku, over a photo of the dressing room in Serbia after the match against Brazil. There was a science he didn’t really like in those parts…

Football, and the World Cup in particular, is also a vehicle for patriotic feelings, capable of uniting peoples who, perhaps under “normal” conditions, may feel little patriotic feelings. So imagine what can happen in countries where patriotism is particularly present in any sphere of life … The recent World Cups showed it in Switzerland and Serbia, when Shaqiri and Shaka, Swiss but of Kosovar origin, were beaming in the face of Serbs With the gesture of the Albanian eagle, to remind them of their origins and the status of Kosovo, which Serbia does not recognize. And while waiting for the new version, since the calendar says so, the disputes on this issue continue from a distance.

dissenting flag

as he says AOL extensionIndeed, there were protests by the Kosovar Sports Minister, Hajirullah Çeku, over a photo of the Serbian dressing room after the match against Brazil. In the offending photo, there is actually a Serbian flag hanging inside, yet it’s superimposed on the shape of Kosovo, which Belgrade considers a rebel province. Also on the flag there is a motto “There will be no surrender”. They explained that the flag from the United Kingdom was present in the stands of Lusail Stadium during the match and the fans handed it to someone who apparently took it to the locker room and hung it after the defeat against Seleção. It is enough to raise another pending issue between politics and sports involving Serbs and Kosovars.

The reaction of the Kosovar minister

Indeed, Minister Seko wrote on Twitter complaining about what had happened. “Very bad pictures from Serbia’s dressing room, showing hateful, xenophobic and genocidal messages against Kosovo, all using the platform of the World Cup. We expect concrete actions from FIFA, bearing in mind that the Kosovo Federation is a full member of FIFA and UEFA.” There is a situation between Pristina and Belgrade, which is often felt in the sports arena, considering that Albania (for its support of Kosovo) and Switzerland, the national team which has many naturalized Kosovo players in its ranks, often participate. And Serbia – Switzerland is just around the corner again…

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