Serbia, tension in the north: new explosions and gunshots

Schools operating in the Serbian education system will remain closed.

local elections postponed – Kosovar President Vjosa Osmani announced, on Saturday, in light of the continuing high tension in the country, after consultations with political forces, that the local elections for the Serb-majority northern municipalities have been postponed to April 23. Calls to remove barriers and barriers came from the European Union, NATO and the USA.

The arrest of the policeman and the beginning of the protests The origin of the escalation of tension can be identified in the arrest on Saturday of a former agent of the Kosovo Police, of Serb origin, who resigned on November 5 along with all other Serbian representatives of the Police and other Kosovo institutions. After news of the arrests spread, Serbs organized rallies and set up roadblocks in different parts of northern Kosovo.

In the context of presenting the news, the Serbian public television Rts did not specify the reasons for the arrest, which took place at a border point in Yarenje while the former agent was returning to Kosovo from Raska, a town in southern Serbia close to the border, where he had traveled for private reasons.

Belgrade: “Brutal repression from Pristina” – The Belgrade leadership strongly condemned the arrest of the former Serbian policeman. Petar Petkovic, the head of the Serbian government’s office in Kosovo, spoke of “brutal reprisals and intimidation by Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti,” who fabricated non-existent accusations against those who decided to leave Kosovo’s institutions.

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