Serbia also confirms its participation

Betty Zdrava! Source RTS confirmed that the Serbia You will participate in Eurovision 2023 in United kingdoma few weeks after confirming participation in her junior counterpart.

Eurovision 2023 will be an important milestone on the road to the Republic of Yugoslavia, as it will be represented in the United Kingdom Fifteenth Participation as an independent country. Also for the first time since 1982, a Serbian artist will participate in Eurovision in the UK, the last of which was asuka Representing the then existing Yugoslavia.

RTS has not yet released information on the method of selection, but it is likely that we will continue Bisma za Evrovizijuthe national choice that replaced Beovizija after broadcasting rights were discontinued by Serbian Television.

In fact, the company last year Megaton (responsible for organizing the historical competition) The head of the entertainment district of RTS was accused of Corruption and abuse of power for personal gain. The reason for the company’s general manager’s decision in October 2021 not to renew the contract with SNB.

But not all evil does harm. RTS managed to organize an excellent show from a purely musical point of view and from a television point of view, kindly greeting To Italian music by former Eurovision broadcasters and Balkan stars (in almost perfect Italian).

At the end of all this, a big surprise victory was achieved over the favorites zurga And the Sarah Jo It was Anna Durich, better known as the stage ConstructWith the song “In corpore sano”. A win over a cotton thread for the jury, where she won a playoff against Sarah Jo, was offset by a televised record win of more than double the points in the second-ranking and an undefeated record of SMS received since 2009.

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Serbia towards Eurovision 2023

Active participant since 2007, Serbia today is the only country to have won Eurovision at its first participation, with the exception of Switzerland which won the first edition of Eurovision in 1956.

To achieve success in the project was a very young girl Maria Serevovichwith the song “Molitva” which in addition to becoming a Eurovision cult, was also the song’s first entirely language victory since 1998. The version was staged in 2008 at Belgrade It also allowed Serbia to extricate itself from the fallout from the Balkan wars of the past decade, with huge economic returns.

So far, it is the only former Yugoslav Republic to have been in the final consistently, except for missed passes in 2009, 2013 and 2017, and a non-participation in 2014 due to economic problems. It boasts among the various achievements well five The top ten, including the aforementioned win, third and fifth place.

Fifth place was achieved this year only Construct which, in an edition whose conduct on television was a referendum in favor of Ukraine, managed to collect 12 points on television five times (from the black MountainAnd the North MacedoniaAnd the SwissAnd the Croatia And the Slovenia). The only person with more than 12 points in TV except Ukraine.

“In corpore sano” carries a very powerful message in Serbia, a country that currently does not guarantee health insurance, and an unprecedented performance with a compulsively hand-washing three-minute Constructa, all seasoned with an air of surreal features. The meaning of the passage is also in favor of the importance of the mental health of the individual, as well as the physical aspect (here corresponding to Eurovival News).

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Who will be Konstrakta’s successor at Eurovision 2023? Will he be able to replicate or even improve on the fifth? We just have to wait for the start of the next Eurovision season.

Eurovision 2023 will be held in the United Kingdom, after it was impossible to organize it in the winning country of the 2022 edition, Ukraine. This will be the ninth edition of the European competition in the home of Queen Elizabeth, where there are currently seven nominees to host, and the decision will be announced next fall.

Countries that have already confirmed their participation inEurovision 2023 There are 25 and they are: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel (which has already chosen Noah Kirill), Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.

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