Send messages to yourself: With Whatsapp is possible

Chatting with yourself is a feature found on Whatsapp. Just learn a little trick and here a small personal archive will be at our disposal.

Many may have asked themselves this. Sending messages with Whatsapp is very easy but who knows if it is easy to use it to contact someone much closer than an acquaintance. We ourselves, of course. It is not a whim but a necessity that can arise on some occasions. To save something, to leave a code in the archive instead of other information that must be accessed quickly and at times when other forms of archiving are not available.

Of course, these are special cases. But if you really want to get off the freak then it’s nice to know that Whatsapp, as a good instant messaging app, also lets you chat with yourself. And all without major changes or anyone who knows updates downloaded. Just a simple trick, whatever is available and not very hidden among the Facebook app options.

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Talking to Yourself via Whatsapp: A little help and problem solving

But how do you talk on your own? Nothing exceptional: just log into the messaging service and follow some very simple instructions. Nothing is transcendent, of course: first and foremost, create a group by following the easiest procedure (the simplest being the classic “three points”). after this, Just add one participant to the group. Nothing more, no less, perhaps warning him of what will happen soon after. This is removed immediately.

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This is for a very specific reason. Once the other person is removed, only one participant will remain in the group. We ourselves, of course. This will allow the group admin to write in the remaining conversation with no one around, actually chatting alone. A job that may seem unnecessary In fact, it allows you to use the chat as a kind of archive, with some content being marked as “important”. Most importantly, chatting is also used in the web version of Whatsapp, with the ability to list files that can be used more easily from a computer.

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