Sega offers four free PC games, including Yakuza beat em ‘up demake

Have you heard? Sega celebrates its 60th birthday this year. That’s why there is a file Sonic the Hedgehog costume in Fall guysWhich is why you own Steam A large collection of free games For you to pick up between Thursday and next Monday.

Offers include The streets of Kamorocho, Who looks like Streets of Fury using Yakuza Personalities. Kiryu and Majima team up to beat her in a well-rendered 16-bit tribute to both Sega’s franchises. It can be downloaded and kept for free, but only from October 17th to October 19th.

Another feature is Golden oxide – Smart address of already canceled The Golden Ax: Reborn, Which Sega Studios Australia has been working on for nearly a decade. The Golden Ax: Reborn It was one of many planned 2.5D remakes, which included the The monster changed And the Streets of Fury, Along with an adaptation of Endless Feud Shinobi.

Golden oxide “One level has been created as a proof of concept, or what is known in the industry as a” vertical slide, “says Sega on the game’s Steam page.Golden oxide He might be deceptive, he might be buggy, he might be an artifact of his time, but he offers a unique glimpse into the potential for a project it could have been. “

Maybe because of its small size (as is the quality), Golden oxide Available for one day only: October 18th. Until then, enjoy this trailer:

Other free offers include Endless Zone, A combination of the endless world of Amplitude Studios with Sega Ancient Fantasy Zone from the days of Arcade and Master System – which technically gave the company its first mascot, The spaceship Aoba Aoba. This side-scrolling shooter is available from October 16th to October 19th.

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Starting tomorrow and available until October 19, there is Heroes’ shieldAnd the Top-down multiplayer tank battle that revolves around Relic Entertainment’s long-running Company of Heroes series. Heroes’ shield It offers nine types of games set in four maps, with destroyable scenery and AI opponents. it’s also Remote play together Compatible.

Three of the titles were developed by The Eccentric Ape. The streets of Kamorocho Developed by Empty Clip, a studio that specializes in vintage styling removals; They did it to them Final Fantasy XV And the Death Island very.

Finally, Sega offers Nights Dreams For the next 60 days, it’s free for Steam users who link their account with their email address through Sega Official Celebration Page. However, this Sega Saturn title doesn’t come with A massive Saturn 3D controllerYou make artifact The Duke Looks like Joy-Con.

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