Sega could cancel plans on NFT, after fan criticism –

Sega They may choose not to continue with their plans Sell ​​NFT And stopping their Play-to-Earn plans in response to fan comments – this is what the company announced.

In April of last year, remember, Sega revealed that it had partnered with game developer Double Jump.Tokyo with the goal of publishing NFT content related to their IP address, present and future. over there fan reaction The news was largely negative from the start, as it has with most NFT announcements in the video game space.

At a recent meeting, The main characters of Sega They noted that “nothing has been determined” regarding NFTs and P2E (Play to Earn) content, stating that they have noted “negative feedback” from fans.

“With regards to NFT, we would like to do different trials and we have already started several studies and made different considerations, but Nothing has been decided At this point regarding P2E [Play-to-Earn]. There have already been many announcements about this issue, even abroad, but there are users who are reacting negatively at the moment.”


Then Sega explains the file need evaluation What fans will or will not accept, saying that if the initiative is seen as “just a way to make money”, the plans may be scrapped.

“We need to think carefully about many things such as how we can mitigate negative elements, how much we can achieve by complying with Japanese law, what will be accepted and what users will not accept. Then, we will implement these plans if we believe they are in line with our mission” Innovate constantly, always be attractive”, but if this strategy is realized Just as a way to make moneyWe decide not to move forward.”

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