Sefolosha (a little quietly) has gone “retirement”

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31.03.2021 – 20:08

The 36-year-old from Vaud, the first Swiss to advance to the NBA (nearly 1,000 matches with 5 different franchises), revealed in an interview that he ended his career

Thabo Sefolosha’s career is over. This was confirmed by Vaud himself, the first Swiss to play in the NBA, in a recent interview with the South African podcast “Fastbreak” and found by Nzz, where he was the 36-year-old – who played his last game over a year ago (March 8, 2020). ) Wearing the Houston Rockets jersey and later returning to Switzerland after refusing to play the season’s final at the Orlando ‘bubble’ – he revealed how I “love to“ retire ”, it’s a nice change of rhythm. “After 14 years in the United States, it is time to step back.”

Growing up on the Riviera, the 198 cm winger reached the World Championships in 2006 when the Chicago Bulls picked him number 13 in the draft. Since that time, he has won nearly 1,000 World League matches in 14 seasons for five different teams (in addition to the Bulls’ playing in Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Utah and Houston). Sivolusha is known for his versatility and defensive acumen. The pinnacle of his career is in 2012, when he played with his thunder. (Who also included Kevin Durant, James Harden and Russell Westbrook) in the finals, leaning 4-2 at the Miami Heat Lebron James.

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