Secure delivery with one-time passwords arrives in Italy –

Amazon Introduced a new one in recent weeks security measure To deliver orders of a certain value, which one password for one time To be delivered to the shipping company when you receive the parcel, as if it was a password. This way you will be sure that the recipient or a trusted person has actually received the order.

The information page dedicated to this security measure states that due to the value of some orders, believes it is necessary to provide a one-time password for use at the time of delivery to ensure greater security.

Amazon Parcels When the order is shipped It will send a six-digit password to the email address associated with the buyer’s account. Instead, the icon will be displayed in the “Track my package” section.

The password is for one time use and will only be valid until the end of the delivery day. Obviously, if necessary, you can deliver it to a trusted person to collect the order on your behalf.

This is certainly a reasonable additional security measure, given that the pandemic has reduced human contact between courier customers and thus increased cases of theft. However, it is not currently clear which product categories or amounts this methodology will apply.

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