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Secondary immigration of Italians to the UK

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Comites London has launched a new multi-stage project dedicated to the study of secondary migration with the participation of the Italian community in the UK. The first step involved the Italian-Bengali community in particular; What follows will focus on the Italian-Brazilian community and second and third generation migrations. This research and in-depth analysis allowed us to understand how the types of immigration are developing in the country, and what needs are associated with Italian citizens living in the UK.

In this sense, the Italian-Bengali society constitutes a case of special relevance in terms of its dimensions and peculiarities. As evidenced by the results obtained from the work of researchers Rita Deliperi, Giulia Monteleone, Matilde Rosina, Orsola Torrisi and Leila Simona Talani, who worked at the request of the Comites London, it is clear that Italian-Bengali citizens are an important part of the Italian community in London, But also in other English cities, and with their vibrant multicultural presence, they have greatly enriched not only the melting pot of the capital, but even the same who witnessed in 2015 the election of a member of this community in their ranks: Ghulam Mulla Tipu, who made a valuable contribution to making The research group is in contact with the Bengali Italian community.

As of July 2021, there are 13,559 Bengali or Bangladeshi-born Italians registered with AIRE in the UK. Of these, 8,883 (65.50%) were male and 4,676 (34.5%) were female. Among those explicitly declaring dual Italian-Bengali nationalities, the gender distribution appears to be similar with 1,571 (65.93%) males and 812 females (34.97%). Overall, the vast majority (99%) were born in Bangladesh, while only 48 individuals were born in Italy. Most Italian Bengalis reside in the vast urban areas of England and Wales. The largest community in London is found in the areas of Newham, Tower Hamlets and Redbridge. There are fairly large communities in Leicester in the area of ​​Stoneygate and Manchester, in the area of ​​Longsight.

From the analysis of the data collected and the interviews conducted, it appears that the socio-economic ascent aspirations of migrants and their children represent one of the fundamental aspects behind their dual migration: from Bangladesh to Italy and from Italy to the United Kingdom in particular. A reference to London. The perception of the ability to overcome obstacles to employment and career advancement – ​​and over time to revitalize vertical social and occupational mobility – appears as one of the main reasons behind their secondary migration. Many other researchers, in earlier years, postulated that secondary migration is part of a reactive strategy to escape rampant unemployment and economic uncertainty affecting certain regions and countries of origin.

Moreover, the study also had a second goal: to highlight the implications for immigrant communities from the moment the UK decided to leave the European Union, thus abandoning the system that allowed the free movement of people between member states. In this regard, Brexit represents an event that threatens the regularity of migration paths that have hitherto followed paths that have been facilitated by the long-awaited acquisition of European citizenship, but which are interrupted when the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union.

The project is sponsored by the Consulate General of Italy in London, developed through a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and overseen by a working group coordinated by Director Andrea Pesauro with the participation of Director Salvatore Mancuso and President. Pietro Molle (currently no longer a member of Comites London, following the renewal of the Council in December 2021).

The study (along with official photos, video interviews and live presentation) can be consulted and downloaded in PDF format for free in Italian and English. on this link

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