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Italy’s impressive second place in the relay team at the Altenburg stage (Germany) is valid for the 2021-2022 bobsleigh world cup.. On the Teutonic track to victory, the hosts are there, but our team is a fully deserved second place, thanks to the three level tests, especially the doubles test that allowed the Azzurri to follow their rivals.

In front of everyone, as we mentioned, Germany closed (Julia Tobitz, Max Langenhan and Eggert/Penkin duo) with a total time of 2:23.954 With 325 parts per thousand from Italy (Andrea Wouter, Dominic Weschner and the duo of Ludwig Rieder and Patrick Rastner), while Russia completes the stage (Ekaterina Katnikova, Alexander Gorbachevich and Denisev / Antonov duo) A 493.

Fourth place in the United States (Emily Sweeney, Jonathan Eric Gustafson and the Mazdzer/Terdiman duo) with a 677k gap, so in Fifth place for Austria (Madeleine Eagle, Wolfgang Kindle and the Stew/Köhler couple) at 1119, before Canada (Trinity Ellis, Red Watts and Wardrop/Zagansky’s husband) is sixth with 2,275. Latvia is not rated (Eliza Tiruma, Kristers Aparjods and Bots/Plume duo) who were about to improve Italy’s time, did not finish the test with a resounding error in the doubles.

At this point in the overall standings, we see Germany in the lead with 231 points after three tests, but Italy in first place with 210 points. Austria is third with a score of 205, then the United States fourth with a score of 187, before Russia is fifth with a score of 170.

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