Seasport and Kondoro, a combination of water polo and pizza in progress

From Chlorat Temple Scandon In the temple of pizza. To eat well and feel fit. As the greatest athlete in history Olympic Gamesor Michael PhelpsBaltimore bullet» The homonymous institution is committed to promoting a healthy and active life, especially for children. “to eatAnd the to sleepAnd the swimming“, items that integrate well with”he eatsAnd the prayAnd the Likes” for Julia Robertsthe hero of the famous movie filmed in vTo Cesar Cercil 1. Right where the water polo players from Seasport Taste a dish typical of the Neapolitan tradition. Margherita and marinara are served between marble tables and tiled walls.

A gentle union, water polo and pizza is renewed, and a strong bond is created. After the usual daily training, captain Alessandro Vimiano And their companions let in a moment of recuperation, and were already thinking about the next commitments in the pool. As of this year, yellow and blue players wear the de logo in their uniform Antica Pizza da Michele and engraving Michelle in the world, with the letter O representing the world. Partnership making its way from the city Parthenop And look away. The boss spoke Giuseppe EspositoGeneral Director Amedeo AlagiaTeam Manager Francesco Corcioneartistic Luca Gagliotta And the players who gave their loyalty Alessandro KondoroCEO of the popular brand, with their System hat, T-shirt, and Neapolitan Company flag.

family history family business that from AlexanderAnd the Daniela And the Dario KondoroFamily run club Seasport With JosephAnd the Dario And the Alessandro Esposito. A tradition that wins, cannot be changed. “We are in the fifth generation starting in 1870. We continue this tradition before A forknow all over the world but basically we are still a family”, says the general manager with satisfaction Alessandro Kondoro. “We have always had the same suppliers for 150 years. We have family relationships and would like to maintain this family character. We are happy to build family relationships ” I will drive.

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“Our company is an expanding company and a process of growth in recent years. We have opened 24 franchise points around the world.” United States of AmericaAnd the JapanAnd the United kingdomAnd the Kingdom Saudi ArabiaAnd the SpainAnd the The United Arab Emirates. Pizza travels across the border. “It is time to commit to sport and society, paying special attention to our surroundings. We are happy to take care SeasportBecause it is a beautiful Naples reality,” he says Alessandro Kondoro. “We are Naples We intend to support and support the beautiful realities of our city, that healthy and wonderful part that is the best Naples“.

Michelle in the world Born in 2012, with the aim of exporting the historical heritage ofOld pizza da Michele With its flavors and culture. pizza logo Mediterranean dietCarbohydrates for swimmers and water polo players. “It is a whole meal that is good for you, if eaten in moderation,” he recalls. Alessandro Kondoro. “old pizza Run by me and my cousin Daniela Kondoro. Our attempt to communicate Naples With her beloved and cloned symbol. Let’s try to bring Naples in the world and we try to talk about it well and eliminate the usual cliches”, he concludes proudly.

“Attend the Alessandro Kondoro In the Scandon Already brought luck to Seasport» repeats the shepherd Esposito (Pictured by Gianluca Grazioso). “Simplicity and a love of tradition are the true secret of success,” says Esposito, thanking the historic brand for its closeness to the Gialloblo family, and proud of the city’s uniqueness alongside it, highlighting Naples With commitment and seriousness. “the family I will drive It has history and traditions NaplesLeaving an indelible mark.

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