Season 2 begins May 31, though servers are abandoned –

Square Enix and PlatinumGames announced that season 2 from fall of Babylon “Nor Aru” will begin May 31It introduces a large number of new tasks and content. Therefore, multiplayer RPG support continues, despite the fact that servers have practically been out for weeks.

Square Enix and PlatinumGames seem ready to deliver on their promise to support the game with new content on a regular basis that were introduced only a few days ago, despite the fact that the game has proven to be a failure, both in terms of critics’ opinions and audience interest, to the point where we’ve already reported several times. Servers are practically deserted Although he hasn’t been abroad for less than two months. For example, at the time of writing SteamDB reports having 23 active players at the same time, but we’ve also recently dropped below double digits.

So it is hoped that Season 2 of The Fall of Babylon can revive the title and bring new players closer, suggesting More than 80 new missions That would tell an entirely new story, along with new weapons, faction, and limited-time events. The second season will take place from May 31 to November 29, so for about 6 months and as we can see in the image below, the roadmap for the planned contents is quite dense.

The fall of Babylon, the roadmap for the second season

Will the news of the second season be enough to change the fate of the fall of Babylon? We highly doubt it, as it now appears that the game’s reputation has been hopelessly compromised, despite the developers claiming that they have learned from their mistakes.

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