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The Aces of the Board perform in Lemore, California (US), for the sixth round of the Surf Tour season. There was no shortage of waveforms in the states and the feedback was great.

Speaking of male testing, we can give a definition: “Brazil Cabot Mundi”. Verdeuro’s surfers continue to characterize the planned events as they are, and the all-Brazilian finale is no surprise. The end result was a bit surprising in the sense that it’s the least reliable Philip Toledo I managed to beat having #1 in the ranking Gabriel Medina. Thanks to the excellent interpretation of the second wave to the right and left, Toledo collected 17.94 as a point against 10.60 for the city.

So, at the end of the show came the success of the Ubatuba native who climbed to third place in the world rankings. The fact that there are currently three Brazilians in the top three in the overall standings is certainly not surprising, citing the second place Italo Ferreira. To estimate the position Leonardo FerravantiWho has disposed of himself well at this point has found a good ninth place for a season that unfortunately does not see the protagonist at the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.

Speaking of which, Brazil suggests itself as a training guide for men in our Five Circles review, ma Pay attention to France when it comes to the women’s cycle. Yes why Johan Devi He definitely raised the bar on the Tour of California and the final chapter victory over the #1 in the world Carissa Mor, a four-time world champion, has his weight. A very close encounter in which transalpine played their cards very well, winning very briefly: 16.63 to 16.23 from Hawaii. With this result, Davie made a huge leap forward in the overall standings, always led by Moore, as she is now second only to the Australian Sally Fitzgibbons.

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