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New York, New Rules Reads the tagline accompanying the release of the sixth chapter of the saga created by the genius of horror Wes CravenAnd scream 6 That’s just it, eat rulesthe trademark of every movie, which the protagonists know so well they can’t escape, is there, but in a completely different scenario, where nothing is taken for granted.

collective Radio silenceDirected by the duo Matt Bettinelli Olbin And Tyler Gillettereturning from the massive success achieved with the previous chapter, score a gloomy, rainy New York sign so reminiscent of Gotham City Joker, far in time, as in space, from the mythical Woodsborothe scene of the previous bloody compositions of the epic.

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After surviving the deadly rampage of the ghost face Which once again shocked Woodsboro, sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter (Melissa Barrera And Jenna Ortega), along with twins Chad and Mindy Mix, leave town to start a new life in New York and leave the past behind. However, even in the big city they will find themselves dealing with a new Ghostface.

“Ghostface” is the cruelest of them all

There is no time for joking anymore. The new hooded-faced enemy is the deadliest and most ferocious the heroes have ever faced. He is a powerful and stealthy killer, planning his every move and keeping the Carpenter sisters in check from the start. Guessing time over the phone is over. Now everyone is in danger and everyone is a suspect; there The disappointment of the supporters It goes hand in hand with her development and maturity.

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The situation is in constant tension, and Ghostface’s attacks and slash sequences are great horrifying. Sometimes the more “natural” interactions and moments of relaxation that the protagonists allow themselves are desirable, narratively uninspiring but functional to the epic’s continued self-feeding. It also allows the viewer to sympathy Mostly with the story.

In the Big Apple, rainy, dark and crowded, Halloween night will be an intense mental game between the killer and his victims. Sam and Tara will never really know who to trust Paranoia You will play a vital role in every decision they make. Small, claustrophobic shops, crowded subways, and dark alleys are the scene of some of the most brutal and intense sequences. scream 6making it one of the best chapters of the saga, now entered into the other dimension.

A break with the past

For fans it will be hard to comprehend, however, the lack of Neve Campbell. The quintessential ’90s ‘Final Girl’ in Dor Sydney Prescott. the economic differences Between the Canadian actress and the film’s production, they left an unbridgeable gulf in the saga, and if it’s destined to be a final farewell, it’s a bitter end to the Woodsboro heroine’s narrative arc.

The staff has been peppered with interesting news, such as Samara Textile (baby sitter), is now a familiar face in horror productions for Netflix And not only that, while we find the role of the tortured detective in charge of the investigation Dermot Mulroney (young guns). The now iconic role of investigative writer and journalist storm windsremain the same, making the character played by Courteney Cox (friends) The final common thread to this complex story.

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The operation of the Radio Silence collective is clear: take a brand with excellent potential and a strong (very strong) starting point, innovate it, and adapt it to the new entertainment landscape, more comprehensively but at the same time more savage and brutal. with disappointment Maximizing franchise value. Scream Forever Overturn expectationshints of certainty to the viewer and then turns them around as quickly as possible with unexpected twists and deaths. scream 6 It’s exactly what you’d expect, maybe more.

So the question always remains the same: “Who is Ghostface?”

Scream 6: When are you coming out?

The film will be shown in Italian theaters on March 9, 2023, one day before the United States, with most of the cast reconfirmed in Chapter 5. Melissa Barrera and Gina Ortega return as the “Carpenter” sisters as well Jasmine Savoy Brown And Mason Gooding (Twin Mix). Courteney Cox She will once again be tough journalist Gale Weathers when she returns, following her role in 2011’s Chapter 4, Hayden PanettiereLike Kirby Red. The authors have already shown hope for the arrival of Chapter 7.

scream 6 It will be the first movie in the saga without two historical heroes: Neve Campbell (Sydney Prescott) and David Arquette (Dwight “Dewey” Riley).

The original soundtrack includes the song still alive to Demi Lovatoa piece that is fully consistent with the canons of the franchise, which is already climbing the American charts.

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