Scrapping folders: Deadline is coming soon, better not wait until the end of the month

The expiration date for the application to cancel tax bills is approaching: don’t wait any longer, do it now.

This year is more of a unique opportunity than a rare one for the many taxpayers involved with the tax authorities. Thanks to an agreement drawn up some time ago, the Revenue Agency has given the possibility to make a specific application for Easy definition of old tax invoices. Scrapping has already been available for several months now and now the time is approaching Deadlines for submitting applications: Hurry up or you risk not being able to take advantage of the privilege.

Cancellation of tax bills 2023 – Grantennistoscana

The cancellation of tax bills is an opportunity for the many Italians who have debts with the tax authorities and who can cancel some of them simply by submitting the appropriate application, which must be sent this year. Exclusively online to a revenue collection agency. The taxpayer can submit the application independently by accessing the designated area of ​​the tax website via Spid, Cie or Cns. The same The Revenue Agency called on taxpayers not to waste time and immediately send the request for scrapping, as no further extension of the manoeuvre is foreseen.

Eliminate Tax Bills 2023: Beware of deadlines, you might get a nasty surprise

Why all this rush to send requests? Well, there are two reasons. One out there for sure Telematic mode: the most common danger is Crashes from servers, which occurs when too many users try to use the platform at the same time. There is more potential risk the closer we get to the deadlines and this has already happened in the past on the INPS and Agenzia delle Entrate sites for previous bonus applications. A glitch in the system is enough to compromise your chance of requesting an opt-out forever, so don’t wait until the last minute.

April opt-out deadlines (photo ANSA) – Grantennistoscana

The second reason is exactly the deadline for submitting applications. The Revenue Agency reported months ago that taxpayers would be able to submit their applications to cancel tax bills no later than April 30, 2023. as mentioned above, No extensions will be announced And an irrelevant question appeared for many. Actually, April 30th is sun; Some citizens wondered if, as often happens, the deadline would be postponed to the first working day, which would not be May 1 (working day, marked in red on the calendar), but Tuesday 2.

Despite the weekdays, the deadline remains April 30, since the submission of the application is exclusively remote and remains Disconnect from office hours for public administration. For this reason, it is best not to limit yourself to the last day and proceed immediately: you risk that your application will never reach the tax authorities and thus lose the advantage forever.

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