Scrapped volumes, two months deferment of incoming premiums? The latest news from MEF and the group

Scrapping folders, Importance Ads Wait with RSD 5: Referral Seven Rate Dependent Financial peace.

The March 1 In fact, the final date From 5 installments to spoil volumes and two to premiums Balance and extracts.

to me 50 million volumes Until now hanging On the other hand, the anti-crisis decrees provide for a gradual resumption of transmission, extending over a period of two years, with the dilution of 3/4 million volumes sent per month.

At first it seemed that delaying might be part of the Millbroug Decree, Which continues the process of converting it into law.

Time is running out: Decree No. 2021/7 Business Suspension, Notices, and Foreclosure will be in effect until February 28th.

Scrapped volumes, two months deferment of incoming premiums? latest news

In the Restore Decree 5, there will likely be a two-month extension to the seven deadlines for the fiscal ladder set for March 1.

According to developments 24 single ore On February 22nd, MEF is working to align deadlines with April 30, Which is the date when the state of emergency is currently expected to end.

The postponement will also be extended for two months to include foreclosure on current accounts.

The 50 million checks and files are pending so far – the last action dealt with was Decree N. 7/2021 – Instead, they shouldn’t be affected by the Thousand Commentary.

The goal is to somehow restart the tax authorities machine LinWithout burdening the pockets of taxpayers and companies on the one hand, and without overwhelming the group with requests for clarification and complaints.

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In total, we’re talking about 950 million euros, Which, without intervention, would burden the 1.2 million taxpayers (who would otherwise lose the benefits of fiscal peace).

So what solution is MEF working on? An extension of the two-year filing plan, so as not to confuse taxpayers Babel with tax notices.

Scrapping binders, a two-year extension and a longer prescription: new MEF

While on the one hand there is the issue of deadline to be resolved soon, on the other hand, stipulating another comment will only postpone the problem.

That’s why MEF works on an Two-year extension plan: The revenue collection agency can post the dispatch of remaining documents and notices pending during the 24-month emergency period.

The two-year extension plan also complies with the new rules of restriction, which will be extended by two years.

Finally, work is also in progress Equitalia warehouse, Packed with Bad debt For the crazy number one thousand billion: Revenue Director Ruffini asked to cancel these appropriations, because even if they were no longer collectible, they would require administrative management that wastes time and resources for the agency.

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