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Scottish Fold: UK could ban breeding of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s beloved cat

The UK can ban the Scottish cat breed, a cat especially beloved by Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Some time ago, many British associations demanded that breeding be banned in the country, as has already happened in other countries of the world

The Scottish FoldThe cute two-eared cat may no longer be bred in the UK. Several vets and associations have repeatedly asked the government to ban this breed, beloved by singers Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and other celebrities.

Behind her beautiful appearance, but not only, she is hidden Health problems that make the animal suffer from problems imaginable from afar. Osteochondrodysplasia, for example, is a genetic disorder of the Scottish fold.

It is an “incomplete autosomal dominant disease characterized by skeletal abnormalities such as a short, thick, inflexible tail, smaller feet, wrists and wrists of abnormal shape and size, and the progressive development of acute osteoarthritis” explain veterinary clinic.

Vets know this well, but according to Cats Protection, one of the main UK charities dedicated to the rescue and recovery of cats, there is still little talk of illnesses for some cat breeds.

The impact of breed related health issues has been discussed a lot in the dog world, but many cat lovers are still largely unaware that similar issues also exist in cat breeds. One example is the Scottish Fold, a breed that has grown in popularity in recent years, said Dr Sarah Elliott, head of the Veterinary Center for Cat Protection.

In fact, we learned from the 2022 Cat Protection Report that the demands for these cats have increased compared to last year. In the homes of the British live mainly Persiansand Bengal short haired british And Maine Coon. However, Scottish pleats are also becoming increasingly popular.

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In 2021 it was difficult to qualify for the number of Scottish Folds in the UK, but something has changed throughout the year. The Scottish Fold now accounts for 1% of the total cat population in the UK.

The percentage may seem insignificant compared to the more popular breeds, but if Scottish Fold breeders have seen a boom in puppy sales in the past 12 months, the data could be set to rise again and again. This is despite awareness campaigns launched by many volunteers.

An American vet recently explained why he doesn’t buy some cat breeds. Among them is the Scottish Fold and it doesn’t surprise us much. (Read also: I’m a vet and I’m going to tell you about the cat breeds I would never choose)

Scottish cat breeding is currently banned in Austria, Flanders and the Australian state of Victoria, as it is considered unethical. The UK could also be added to the list, possibly with the support of new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. in his program Animal welfare legislation ranks first.

source: cat protection

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