Scott Ultra Carbon RC

the new Ultra Carbon RC From Scott boot from trail racing The highest performing brand ever. Thanks to the innovative painting Carpetex gearflex Together with innovative technologies, it allows you to meet long distances Maintain efficient running for a long time.

This form is the result of a long search between the brand and Ultra Runner Cody Lind: Together they put in hours of study and development to create a trail shoe The performance, meanwhile, is suitable for long distances, to allow the athlete to better face the 100 miles of the US. That’s how I was born Ultra Carbon RCEquipped with a board Carpetex gearflex To maintain the running effectiveness of athletes, who face long hours of training and competitions, as much as possible.

Among the unique features of this hair straightener carbon fibre There is an elastic dynamic characteristic; The plate responds by increasing stiffness as the runner increases speed and maintains flexion at a slower pace. It also splits down the ball of the foot and towards the heel for it Increase flexibility side. This compliant design allows for greater lateral flexion and natural separation forefoot and rearfoot, which means that the shoe maintains a more natural dynamic while maintaining the efficiency of the applied technology and thus provides the runner with the right amount of agility and sensitivity of the foot on the ground.

The shoe turns out Mild and relaxed Thanks to the midsole Lightweight kinetic foamScott’s lightest, most responsive foam yet, delivering more rebound in a lighter package with high levels of durability. Kinetic Light Foam combines with Evolved Rocker2, the brand’s proprietary technology that promotes a more even running posture Movingwhich reduces heel impacts and increases operating efficiency.

the only Superior traction It is specially designed for long distances on fast courses. The design is half radial to present maximum efficiency In a forward motion, while retaining the elements Multi-directional traction.

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