Scott Redding is ready to enter the world of cycling

It was well known that there were not only motors among Scott Redding’s passions, but even that he wanted to officially enter the bicycle circus, he surprised everyone a little.

“I spoke to the manager – said the passenger – and he said I can do both. I can race the World Superbike Championship, that’s my main source of income. I’ve worked for this all my life. At the same time, I can pedal when I get home.”

The idea for a Ducati rider is to even have his own team: “I would like to do more in the coming years to take a step towards professionalism. I am working on building a team for 2022. The team should consist of six riders and I will be one of them. I would like to race in Europe after three or more. four years “.

Definitely a great passion, a big dream even if Redding has to deal with his physical size, really unsuitable for climbing mountain peaks… “I weigh 80 kilograms. I have a lot of strength, but I couldn’t beat a skinny competitor in climbing. But in the normal courses I have The strength to keep up. Most races in the UK don’t have very long climbs. I really like the mountains. In the winter I always train uphill.”


Scott Redding is ready to enter the world of cycling Fonte: Getty Images

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