Scotland Yard opens investigation into Downing Street parties during lockdown

Scotland Yard I started an investigation into the scandal Party Gate Holidays A Downing Street in alleged violation of Anti-Covid rules. This announcement was made by a dead police chief Cressida Dick. British police will investigate “impartially” e “Without fear of force” for him Eight out of 17 parties Which took place at the residence of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson it is in Whitehall In the past two years. Dick added that he understood “the depth Worried publicly” to the allegations, but also acknowledged that “the vast majority of people acted responsibly” and “experienced a great deal of losses during the epidemic.”

The latest accusations against the British Prime Minister erupted on Monday thanks to the revelations ITV News Who talked about a birthday party organized by his wife curry At 10 Downing Street in June 19, 2020which participated in about 30 people (including several officials) in violation of the anti-Covid rules in force at the time. The event, with a birthday cake, will take place in the afternoon inside Cabinet room, where is the Treasury.

As I always mentioned before turn aroundIn the evening, some family friends were to be housed upstairs at the Conservative Prime Minister’s official residence in another rule violation. Downing Street’s response to what was revealed was immediate: “That’s exactly forged. In keeping with the standards of the times, the Prime Minister hosted that evening a A few of family members.”

For other limb-related episodes, Johnson already I apologize on two occasions Manu Che The parties have emerged as the country has been under restrictions to contain the epidemic over the past few weeks. Among the various accusations against one party as well last April 16, with an advertisement for alcohol and music loud voiceThe evening before the funeral, Prince Philip, this Queen Elizabeth II I cried alone because full closure imposed by the British authorities did not allow participation in the religious function in a private church in Windsaw Castles.

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