Scotland. Sturgeon launches a second referendum on independence from the United Kingdom

by Alberto Galvi

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has launched a campaign for a second independence referendum to secede from the United Kingdom. Johnson and his Conservative Party, the opposition in Scotland, are staunchly opposed to a second referendum, arguing that the matter was resolved in 2014 when Scots voted against independence. In an election last year, the separatist parties won a majority in the Scottish Parliament.
Sturgeon, who leads the Scottish National Party, said the time was right to reconsider the case, which the Scots then rejected.
Sturgeon is the author of highly critical of Johnson and Brexit, with the majority of Scots expressing themselves to remain in the EU, i.e. “stay”. Speaking at a rally, he said he wants a new referendum by the end of 2023. Johnson instead wants to focus on recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and addressing the crisis caused by the rising cost of living.

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