Scooters are experimenting you should avoid wrong behaviors

that monopatine They occupied the cities, for a year now, it was no longer a secret. Two-wheeled electric cars have fascinated many Italians who use them for their wheels urban travel. There is one of the leading operators in this sector ghee, which is now launched The world’s first large-scale computer vision experience, an introduction artificial intelligence (moon) who – which Detects when the scooter leaves the road to reach the curb, or when the vehicle is parked incorrectly.

Trial tested before distribution A التوزيع Northampton In the UK (where Voi has an exclusive license from the UK government to test the scooter sharing service) at the end of July 2021, on the streets of Stockholm. The goal of Luna technology is Try to solve the sidewalk driving problem. Among the various functions there is also a function Identify problem areas of the city and assistance in developing appropriate infrastructure.

The first stage It is experimental to install cameras on a certain number of motorcycles. Then a group of users is selected who will test the computer vision technology on the road: this way visual information is collected in real time about the environment in which the scooter is crossing and any pedestrians along the way are detected. Not only: The technology is also able to detect the surface on which the scooter is movingOr, like a bike path, sidewalk, or road, e Alert the user with an audible warning of a violation.

Then we move to The second phase. About 100 cameras will be installed on Northampton’s motorbike fleet. A new technical feature has been added to the audible alert that allows you to explore the potential of the alarm Automatically slow down scooters if improper driving is detected on sidewalks or in densely pedestrianized areas مناطق. If all goes as planned, Luna is expected to integrate its camera technology directly onto scooters by 2022.

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The introduction of this new technology on the company’s Voi scooters represents the potential to improve compliance not only in terms of driving behavior, but also with respect to correct parkingBoth problems are related to this sector also in Italy. The Luna parking algorithm can detect if the scooter is correctly positioned in a virtual parking lot using a road sign or other surrounding visual indication it has been trained to detect.

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