Scooter, Bolt offers alcohol test to pass for rental

Who said that the rules for driving a scooter are much less than the rules for a scooter or a car? Hundreds of more or less serious accidents happen every day, including the now green car par excellence, which is often driven by unwise people guilty of genuinely uncivilized behavior. and for this BoltAnd the Starting a micromobility, also think about a Motorcycle alcohol test.

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much glass? rambling!

In fact, driving a scooter after raising your elbow too much is a great risk for you, but also for those around you. Although it is not a large-sized and super-fast vehicle, in fact it can cause serious bodily damage and very serious accidents. That’s why Bolt launched a noveltyMotorcycle respirator. When the user wants to use a rental car, he will have to scan the QR code on it. Immediately Many pictures will appear on the phone screen quickly, So this extreme clarity is needed to pass the “test”. then calculate User reaction time, the vehicle will be unlocked when the system agrees to pass the test, otherwise the vehicle will remain blocked with a message sent to the smartphone to remind you of the road safety rules. For Scooter Bolt, the test will be active From midnight to 4.00 am on Friday and Saturdayat least for now.

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