Science tells us heart rate ‘adapt’

Heart “just in time” – Heartbeat synchronization occurs above all in couples who have been together for a long time: the research, “Repubblica” wrote, actually examined partners over 65 years of age with long relationships behind them. The partner’s heart rate and physical distance were measured at different times of the day over a two-week period, and the sensors detected a clear relationship between the two’s proximity and the heartbeat, which “self-regulates” to the other’s rhythm.

Set the beat The heart muscle simply adapts to the other muscle. It is not clear who is “dominant” within the spouses in this particular relationship: there are instances in which he adapts and others in which he adapts. Experts from the American University wrote that there is a kind of “dance”, stressing that the synchronicity associated with the relationship between the two is obvious. However, the study shows that the heart follows, and almost measures the well-being of the spouses.

On the other hand, there is a lot of research linking physical health to a good relationship with a partner. The heart struggles with quality of life as a couple, this latest research in particular tells us, and the bond between two people under one roof influences its performance. And above all, her heartbeat.

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