Scenes from Graziella Vincenzo’s wedding, Paestum, Pompeii, May 1

The eighth appointment for the second edition of the program was conducted by Anna Tatangelo.

Sunday May 1, 2022 at 2:20 pm, Channel 5 The eighth day is broadcast with Scenes from a wedding made by Anna Tatangelo Who tells about a wedding Graziella And Vincenzo from Pompeii.

Scenes from the wedding on April 10 – Vincenzo and Graziella

Vincenzo And Graziella He was engaged for 12 years. From the very beginning their story seemed to everyone a fairy tale, but the fairy tale also has moments of crisis: her dream, to live and work in it United Statepressure on their relationship.

He had always supported her, but the distance was about to destroy their union. Graziella Then listen to his heart and re-enter Italia To save his special bond with Vincenzo.

The wedding will be celebrated in Madonna del Rosario’s sanctuary from PompeiiWhile the festivities will take place in a wonderful place a Paestum.


Anna Tatangelo He meticulously gathers the most intimate thoughts, fears, and hopes of a married couple to accompany them with their families to the ceremony, whether religious or civil.

Then there will be receiptThe party and everything a true Italian wedding has to offer, including surprises and twists that even the bride and groom wouldn’t expect. A simple and evocative mural of today’s Italy, it is told through one of its most beloved traditions.

Scenes from a wedding‘is coordinate Gianni Ippoliti produced by fish fightthe manufacture company Christiana MastropetroAnd Ricardo Mastropetro And Giulio Testa. Program direction according to Aldo Julian. Fish Fighting Executive Producer Mariana Capelli. Mediaset Executive Producer Francesca Goya.

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Channel 5 It broadcasts the second edition after the public appreciation of the first.

The show was one of the first duets in Italy with the pair and their families being the protagonists. Mosul was historical David Mengache.

Scenes from the wedding ceremony – focus is listening

The ratings for the second edition are much lower than those for the first aired edition Channel 5 From October 2 to December 4, 2021. In fact, the program was implemented by Anna Tatangelo It had an average share of 13.32% and 1,828,000 viewers.

In the currently airing version, on the other hand, the share averages 12.45% with 1,807,000 viewers, heading down, from the data that came out from the previous two episodes, the share has dropped to less than 10%.

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