Scams come with a very compelling message and many fall for it, read what’s written

WhatsApp like other messaging apps and social platforms is not immune to hacker attacks.

In fact, for months we have been hearing about scams against users who receive messages from some contacts in the address book. Only to find out too late that they were fake accounts because a fileThe WhatsApp account was used by someone else.

The WhatsApp
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End-to-end encryption enables more security on WhatsApp by making audio, video, and text files unreadable to others and even to Google. Despite this, hackers manage to break into the application and harm even simple messages.

WhatsApp: Tricks arrive via text

The news was reported by the Postal Police warning WhatsApp users to pay attention to scam attempts that have caused many people to fall into traps.

Scams come from both WhatsApp and SMS messages. The Postal Police stated that most of the scams came from letters from their bank. In these, the customer was asked to update their data by clicking on an attached link which then led to a fake website.

Instead, another message on WhatsApp reported a transmission that the user had not actually authorized. In this case, the message advises to click on the link to cancel the transaction.

Finally, the alleged messages Lottery Prizes or Prizes One of the popular brands that requires you to enter your bank details to accept the win.

Because of these scams, the Postal Police is conducting a press campaign to warn users not only of WhatsApp but also of other social platforms. The goal is to spread suspicion in the community about these messages and block the fraudulent sender.

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