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SBK 2022. Australian Grand Prix. Phillip Island Report Cards: Álvaro Bautista rounds out the season with flying colours [GALLERY] Superbikes

Another 10, the last, for the Ducati rider, who is thus crowning his exceptional season

November 20, 2022

TheThe Phillip Island trail is reputed to be a favourite to a Ducati Panigale V4 but also Alvaro Bautista refers to its pilot. Here in 2019, the Spaniard has smashed his opponents and made record gaps.

This time it wasn’t quite the case, however Although they didn’t dominate, Alvaro and his V4 still brought home Superpole and two out of three finishers.. To complicate matters and perhaps to avoid a repeat of the 2019 results, the weather has been very choppy, but so have the Kawasaki riders Jonathan Rhea and Alex Luizseemed able to come close and even defeat the duo who won the 2022 world title.

Ducati and Kawasaki above all elseso, also why in Australia Yamaha appears to be in trouble with the R1 and with its top rider Toprak Razgatlioglu. On a track without braking at the limit and with long connected corners, the Turkish rider was unable to show the proverbial braking and complained of grip problems.

Although I submitted For a top-level rider like Testuta Nagashima, Honda’s credit is negative, thanks to Xavi Vierge who has not been able to replicate the services provided in Indonesia. The usual BMW clung to Scott Reading but the Englishman only responded in Race 2 and in the other races the M1000RR struggled to enter the top ten.

But here are our votes for the champions of the final weekend of WorldSBK 2022

Alvaro Bautista: 10

BBrave and lucky. Everything is going well for Alvaro this year, but he deserves it. He grabs a second pole position of the season that heralds his potential dominance in the races, but the rain enjoys shuffling the cards. In Race 1, a tire change punished him Because he upsets his V4 setup and forces him to his worst result of the season. On Sunday, he plays the Joker who proves he’s the winner in the sprint race, while the red flag prevents him from a tough showdown with Rhea in the second race. In the end, he got three out of four. loosely.

Jonathan Rea: 9

Streetu this path Ninja has competitive and takes advantage of it. On Saturday, he broke his long fast and deservedly won. On Sunday he doesn’t take risks on slick tyres, but he’s still third and in Race2 he’s only giving way to Papao. When a ninja gets sucked in he proves to be an absolute cannibal.

Toprak Razgatlioglu: 8

numberYou never find the best setup and you never get the right tires It’s in a straight sprint race but its main problem is that on this track the R1 has a bit of grip and the second is that there are no braking points where it makes all the difference.

In any case, the second and fourth places, under the pretext of a red flag, will definitely not be thrown away, especially if you have nothing to play at the moment and you are already thinking about your cherished vacation (in Miami).

Alex Laws: 8

TheBest Lowes ever. Third in Superpole and in the two long races, here in Australia he has managed the feat of not only staying with the great three, but also one behind Bautista and Toprak. If it seems a little…..

Andrea Locatelli: 7.5

Then these two non european tours We’ve reviewed Locatelli’s 2021. Always close to the leaders and find excellent consistency in performance. A good one for 2023 will be crucial for him.

Michael Rubin Rinaldi: 5

un weekend to forget For the young Italian from Team Aruba, he saved it for a lay-by from 7th in Race 2. He plunges in Race 1 and misses his way home in the Superpole race. Only on Sunday afternoon in the last race of the season does he see himself again in the upper parts of the standings, where we always expect to see him. His fourth place in the championship ranks him as the best outsider of the season, but 2023 will be the year of truth for him as well.

Garrett Gerloff: 6.5

StreetHe works hard to leave a good memory of himself On Team Yamaha GRT and the results proved right. Too bad about a crash in the first corners of Race 2. Barring the occasional mention in a couple of years, it hasn’t made its mark. We’ll see what he can do with BMW.

Scott Redding: 6

Male on Saturday and fine on Sunday. cAs always, English breaks down the hardships and lifts itself up in the positive moments. No one does it better than with a BMW that allows for very little.

Philip Ottle: 6

tI bruised Mandalica a bit from Orna, however He stunned everyone with a seventh-place finish in Superpole and an eighth-place finish in Race2. Too bad about tire confusion in Race 1 and in the sprint. Let’s not forget it was his first season in Superbike.

Axel Bassani: 5.5

she was thereHe and his first team on Phillip Island weren’t bad either. The Motocorsa team’s young rider was very spinning but the track conditions spoiled a lot of the already complicated situations. All experiences that enter.

Tetsuta Nagashima: 7

cI jumped into Superbike without knowing the bike and even less a Pirellis, The Japanese have proven themselves to be professional pilots. Despite the rain and tire change, he hit the spot top ten In two long races and only smashed in the unknown and very special sprint race. really good.

Kyle Smith: 7

DrJumping on a super motorbike with a special motorbike and on a track that has never been seen before is a daunting task, however The Englishman knows his stuff and in Race 1 he fought back stoically With rain tires, I was able to bring home 4 points. I collected one more than Mercado and Konig all season.

Eugene Lafferty: 8

un vote for the profession of this unfortunate driver, who suffers a contused pelvis in the bye race. He falls to Force, who is unable to avoid him. In the end, nothing particularly serious, but he certainly imagined his farewell to racing differently.

Michael van der Mark: 5

gWe recognize it as the long injury argument and the motorcycle is certainly not up to the task, however 20 points in the last nine races is very little.

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