SAY GOODBYE TO YELLOWING LINES AND PLASTICS: In just a few minutes, what you already have at home will be like new again | A trick you’ll use everywhere

How to clean a yellow cover –

It is very common to use a cover to protect your smartphone, but what do you do when it turns yellow?

Trash is not the answer. There are a few tricks that are guaranteed to make your old cases look like new again.

Today, the smartphone is one of the most used tools to perform any action, from a simple call to banking actions and various payments. Since it is always at hand, it is necessary to have valid tools used for it protection from the cell phone.

It is important to use a cover that allows you not only to repair the mobile phone from bumps and scratches, but also to change the case from time to time. skins from your smartphone. Unfortunately, over time the covers tend to get damaged and so on yellow.

But is there a way to prevent damage or make it look like new again? The answer is yes and we will reveal all Tricks in the following paragraphs. you will not regret it!

What causes yellowing of the cap

Before discovering the antidote, let’s try to understand how to prevent those unsightly spots or that particular yellow color that appears over time. The translucent lids, which lose their initial luster due to exposure to sunlight, perfumes, or oils from the skin, turn yellow, in particular. When we use a cell phone outdoors, for example, the plastic of the cover is gradually subjected to slow but inevitable wear. Including what files Principal agents Which causes such problems for wrappers, let’s see how to solve them with a secret combination.

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Here’s the infallible trick: vinegar and detergent –

The perfect combo to restore light to your lid

Two ingredients in particular can permanently eliminate yellow spots on that phone case you really relate to. All that is needed are two ingredients that are sure to be in everyone’s homes: cleaner And vinegar. For the preparation, you will need a bowl in which a spoonful of detergent, a spoonful of white vinegar and hot water will be placed. Once this is done, the cap should be immersed in this mixture and left to soak at least hour. After this waiting it will be necessary to start brushing the surface of the cap with the help of a toothbrush and that’s it. Finally the wrap will be new and bright.

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