Saudi Arabia, change visa rules

The Saudi Tourism Authority announces the decision taken by the Saudi Ministry of Tourism allowing residents of the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council to apply for an electronic tourist visa (eVisa) to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The new entry rules also affect citizens of the UK, US and EU countries who will now be able to obtain a visa on arrival. In this way, visitors will be able to appreciate and explore the multiple and unique destinations of Saudi Arabia, its amazing landscape diversity, and its rich cultural heritage, and visitors will be able to enjoy the unparalleled hospitality of the Saudi people.

Announcing the news on the eVisa as well as regarding the extension of the visa on arrival in various countries, is a huge step forward that makes it increasingly easy to visit Saudi Arabia for tourists from all over the world. With an impressive variety of packages and a calendar packed with events held throughout the year, Saudi Arabia creates many opportunities for travelers to experience the authenticity of the cradle of Arab culture.

Fahad Hameed Al-Din, CEO and Board Member of the Qatar Tourism Authority commented: “Facilitating obtaining visas for millions of residents in the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council and expanding the possibility to apply for an arrival visa, and supporting our ambition to receive 100 million visitors annually by 2030 for a larger view A new leisure tourism destination in the world.Our announcement is not just an advertisement, it is an invitation, we make it easier and easier for visitors to explore and learn about millennium history and culture, landscapes of unprecedented beauty, not to mention the shimmering entertainment sector.We welcome our neighbors and the whole world, to experience The authenticity of the Arabian Peninsula directly.

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Residents of the UK, USA and Europe with a valid passport can now obtain a visa on arrival, while residents of the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council have to apply for an e-Visa on the official portal through “Visit Saudi” visitaudi.com/ Visa and check all requirements and procedures available online. Finally, please note that the Saudi Tourist e-Visa is available to citizens of 49 countries.

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