Sarkozy was sentenced to three years in prison for corruption. Solidarity Carla Bruni –

Former French President, Nicolas SarkozySentenced today At the age of 3 years – 2 conditions – To the wiretapping scandal. Among the charges are the corruption of the investigating judge. The former head of state ended up in prison because he suspected he had obtained information from the judge of the Court of Cassation, Gilbert Seibert, in exchange for a job at the Munich Court of Audit. The prosecution had requested a prison sentence of 4 years. After the ruling, Sarkozy left the courtroom without making a statement.

The information that the former president of the Elysée requested and that the indictment charged him related to what was possible Funding his election campaign in 2007 – The person who would have led him to the top of the country until 2012 – coming from Libya. For these facts, the judicial police detained him for a few hours. Sarkozy has always rejected all accusations That was transferred to him: Now he will have the right to serve one year of the remaining sentence under house arrest and with an electronic bracelet as an alternative to imprisonment. That, at least, is the solution that Chief Justice Christine Mai suggested, or doing socially beneficial action. However, the former president’s lawyers announced that they would appeal the ruling.

Nicolas Sarkozy 66 years old The second French president To submit to a criminal sentence: In 2011 it was his predecessor’s turn Jacques Chirac, Who made some positive appointments in the Paris municipality for a period of two years. However, Chirac did not have to serve his sentence. Carla Bruni The former president’s wife published a letter a few hours after the verdict Instagram Directed to her husband: What a meaningless steadfastness, sweetheart … the struggle continues, The truth will see the surfaceWrites: Carla Bruni. The Italian-born model and singer adds #injustice, injustice, and a romantic photo of herself with Sarkozy.

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