Sardinian sweets, awarded to Nolfi ‘Papassino d’oro’: award to a 71-year-old woman

The third date is for traditional dessertsNol – gives you tasteFood, wine and cultural review ofAngelonaThis year, it featured eight in-depth events related to the promotion and valorization of local identity products. On the occasion of the Saturday meeting, hosted by Golzy’s Service Center cloudsThe mayor was also present Antonello Cubao culture consultant, Elvira Decortsthe winner of the first competition receives a prize “Golden father“, which was launched by the association on the occasion of Easter. To win the sweets competition Francesca Cini, 71-year-old grandmother from Nolfi: The confectionery assortment of papacini and tiricche was rated the best for aesthetic presentation, intensity of taste, balance, flavour, and harmony.

To evaluate the competitors, the jury consists of an anthropologist Susanna Polis, businessman Riccardo Porta and two confectionery masters of the city, Teresa Latte and Peppina Medas, led by Maria Giovanna Campus, owner of Tradizione Sapore – Pastifico Campus who oversaw the final show dedicated to the preparation of the Papacini cap. For a long time interest, even on the part of scholars, has been directed at the loaves which the scientist describes Alberto Mario Ceres Like the cultural specialty of Sardinia. The confectionery heritage of our island is actually very rich in variety, complexity and symbolism,” said anthropologist Paulis to open the meeting. Among the leading experts on the island’s confectionery culture is anthropologist Paulis, scientific coordinator of the catalog Ilissos “Sweets in Sardinia – History, Culture and Traditions” recounts the rich pastry heritage of Sardinia with a careful study of materials, symbols and innovations.

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