Sardinia, Volutia wins regional continuity for seven months: starting from 15 October. But reservation or information is impossible

will Volutia temporary service Air Regional Continuity From the three Sardinian ports (Cagliari, Olbia and Alghero) to Rome and Milan. A little over 24 hours before the flights end Alitalia (which already on Wednesday canceled many departures, leaving even those who had to reach the peninsula for competitions on the ground) the district provided news of the result negotiating procedure – In an urgent procedure and for a period of 7 months, waiting for the international call – to allocate roads that ensure the population Regulated rates. The service must start from Friday 15 October – The day Alitalia’s connections will be cut off – but still It is not possible Reservation of Spanish carrier flights. Even if the regional council let it be known that the start date of ticket sales will be “indicated with a subsequent letter”.

“The Sardinians are not satisfied: the allocation of roads to Volotia is not enough, if this is not accompanied by the ability to book flights from October 15,” Rocky comments to Arnold BoydoRegional Secretary of FILT CGIL. So far it is not possible to buy tickets or submit any requests from citizens inability Those who need special assistance, or those who need to transport animals. not even a phone number From the airline for information on flights.

For seven months of territorial continuity of the negotiating procedure made available by the region 37 million, Volotea offer even discounts 41 percent. Another carrier that was involved in the negotiating procedure was ETA, the company that was born from the ashes of Alitalia.
Volotea and Ita were also the only two companies to have brought in prior Territory-enabled emergency measures, but they were excluded. It is still pending award of the two-year tender, offered by the region 46 million a year.

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