Sardinia and companies in difficulty

September has just begun but it has already started announcing how to do it A month of extreme difficulty For families and businesses. Since the beginning of the year Mortgage payments They are up as much as 20 per cent and this week the European Central Bank will announce another rate hike.

Citizens and businesses who signed a variable rate contract are anxiously awaiting the bank’s monthly calls: premiums have risen more than 13 percent since January.

For example, in the case of a loan of 126 thousand euros to be repaid in 25 years, they paid 456 euros in January. Now, according to the simulation, 515 euros are needed.

As Maria Amelia Lai, President of Confartigianato Imprese Sardegna, explains, “The rise in interest rates and the impending credit crunch are bad news for businesses, especially small ones: these two factors together, we fear are one stimulus. Strong slowdown in the economy“.

Current accounts – As we know, fixed money loses its value: keeping 10 thousand euros in the account means getting 9,210 euros in twelve months, but this does not discourage savers, who continue to accumulate. But in this way, “the purchasing power of the family is eroding – Federico Senos, a financial advisor and expert in savings management – asserts – which would not happen if this money was invested in another way.”

(Union Online)

All the details on L’Unione Sarda on newsstands today

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