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60 years, 720 months, 21,900 days: However you like to read it, Sabar’s time along with small and medium management companies is a ‘life’. A life of three generations of individuals and companies, with many battles and successes sabar An essential reference for protecting the rights of workers in the state game.

Since 1962 sabar – reads a note from the association – Together with operators of gaming machines with and without cash prizes, it is a basic category for a safe, transparent and professional game show, but also a first line for fighting illegal games. 60 years spent protecting the future of thousands of small and medium businesses, with the strength of being the most representative association in the sector.

Our partners deserve the utmost attention, because behind every device are stories of people and families doing great Dedication and commitmentFor a healthy and safe entertainment show. In short, I have spent 60 years of trade union life to give the correct and due professional dignity to individuals and companies, thanks to the fundamental commitment that has been made over the years by all presidents, advisors and delegates. And – concludes – as Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the nation and the third president of the United States once said: “It is not luxury or greatness, but tranquility and action that gives happiness.”


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