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Saint Augustine




Santagostino: Costantino, Corregigiari, Vitale, Stefanelli, Cesari (78′ Matteozzi), Puccini (80′ Rebelo), Isetta, Schiavon, Di Domenico, Centones, Bagni (57′ Giovoni). Available: Guzzinati, Sabioni, Mazzoni, Pavisi, Dippolito, Marastoni. Rambaldi flocks.

Fusatun medicine: Sammarchi, Alpi (64′ Castagnini), Dradi, Callegari, Randi, Caidi, Sabbatani (78′ Garelli), Bolelli (57′ Maleh), Pugni (57′ Nisi), Selleri, Grazioso (88′ Ferretti). Available: Palermo, Commissioners, Dal Oglio, Castagnini. Coach: Geraci

Referee: Cintini Nicola, Cesena’s top scorer section: 33′ Bogni (midfield)

Notes: 31′ Alpi yellow card (M), 43′ Pugni (M), 52′ Bagni (SA), 70′ Stefanelli (SA), 87′ Caidi (M).

Sant’Agostino plays with determination, but medicine wins. He immediately starts medicine, in movement 3 in vertical control and shooting in the Pugni area, saves Costantino to the ground. Sant’Agostino responds in the 5th minute from a Schiavon corner kick: Izetta’s shot and Bochini’s header parried, Sentonons’ shot 8′ low, shot only slightly high and at 10′ direct Izeta free kick, deflected by Samarchi’s corner kick. Guests: At 14′ Pugni’s header deflected for a corner kick, at 16′ Randy’s winger for Sabbatini, a shot. In a beautiful 21′ green-and-white action, Schiavon-Cesari flipped in favor of Di Domenico in the area, to the side. At 25′ med close to the net, Sellelli missed Bolelli who from a good position in the area, 29′ control and a shot into the area by Spatani, Costantino saved. In a 33′ Medicinen pass, Sabbatani crossed into the area for Bogni, who scored with a header. In the second half of the 51st occasion, Sant’Agostino, Cesare worked on Di Domenico’s wing: a nice shot and a save for Samarchi. The guest replied in the 54th minute: Randy Lebogni in the area, with a header, Costantino, in the 59th minute Albi Nissi, saved a shot from you. The Lizards responded: Schiavon’s free kick for Stefanelli in the area in the 64th minute, saved with a header, medicine responded in the 66th minute with Nisi, diagonally saved by Costantino. St. Augustine insists on the pursuit of a tie, but without effect. In 82′ from a Schiavon corner kick, the ball is in a small area and Vitali does not deviate at all, 88′ Izeta free kick inside the area, Rebelo’s shot was saved by Samarchi. Mario Tosati

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