Santagostino launches basic medicine service with and for Ukrainian refugees (25/03/2022)

“For the administration of Ukrainian refugees in Italy, the way that has a thousand reasons to work is to try to provide services that will arise with the same refugees who have the necessary skills. Like Santagostino, we will continue this path in terms of health, including Ukrainian doctors and nurses who arrived as refugees to meet the needs of Ukrainian refugees themselves, but it applies to all necessary services ”: With these words Luca Foresti, CEO of Santagostino, today launched a call to action to create a medical service Basic with and for Ukrainian refugees.The first objective is to organize an outpatient clinic in Milan with Ukrainian professionals, mainly in the field of basic medicine, vaccinations for school and work, and psychological support.
“I firmly believe in this project, which is crucial to improving the long-term management of Ukrainian refugees in Italy. Like Santagostino, we are looking for Ukrainian doctors, nurses, and psychologists who arrived as refugees to allow them to find a job that qualifies their skills and help their comrades in life in this painful moment, restoring dignity and confidence to all,” explains Forest.

Santagostino turns to the associations that conduct a census of this stream of families and individuals arriving in Milan, to institutions and individuals, to give the project a solid economic foundation. “We invite everyone to report the presence of these professional figures among the refugees. But we can all contribute, for example by making a donation, through the non-profit organization Ascolto, a visit to those who need it most ». The non-profit organization Ascolto ([email protected]) has been Santagostino’s partner for years in social projects: it works by requiring agreements with local associations (for example, there have been Caritas Ambrosiana, Don Gino Rigoldi Association, WeWorld Onlus, the Sicomoro Foundation. …). The association collects the health needs of patients and sends cases of weakness who are unable to access the public service to Ascolto, which looks after them for free through Santagostino structures and handles the remuneration of medical professionals.

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