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We know very well that SIE Santa Monica Studio is working on the next chapter of God of War, but the team is also working on a new project. It is likely one A new IP that appears linked to a fictional world. Here’s what we know.

SIE Santa Monica Studio has published showing new work in it Reporting a position as “Senior Personality Concept Artist” / Which must deal with a “new address not yet announced”. Responsibilities include “developing and maintaining creative and collaborative partnerships between different fields to assist in the development of in-game characters, visual language, and rules of fictional worlds.”

God of War and Beyond: An Upcoming New Fictional IP?

The idea then is that the God of War team is working on one Wonderful new IP with a complex fictional worldPerhaps with the goal of being able to create a new PlayStation story. There is also talk of creating authentic fiction-style characters, but also other creatures and elements, using the latest creation tools and techniques.

In March 2021, God of War writers were also looking for a lead writer for a new game. However, in January, the team was hiring a technical director. Only with this recent action show did we manage to discover that it is a game of fanciful pieces. The studio is clearly empowering its team with the goal of developing (at least) a new game. We hope to find out something official as soon as possible.

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