Sansevieria, how to make it grow fast: You’d be suspicious

Sansevieria is a very popular plant especially in recent times as a piece of furniture for the air purifying properties with which it is provided. How do you grow?

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Let’s start from the fact that if having a Sansevieria in your apartment beautifies the home and at the same time purifies the environments, the evaluations for the growing time of the plant will not be so positive. what does that mean? Sansevieria grows very slowIt’s a very hardy plant and also easy to grow, but as far as growing is concerned, there is definitely something to get comfortable with.

However, you should not despair. There are some Habits that it may be adopted to allow the plant to grow luxuriantly and healthily, and perhaps faster than it normally would. Let’s start from vesselGet a pot of the right size. This plant does not like large pots as its roots are very small and shallow so it does not need large areas to expand.

Sansevieria: all the tricks to speed up its growth

If you equip the plant with a pot that is too large, you risk slowing down its growth and further growth. The vase should be changed to a larger one 1 or 2 cm gradually because in any case after a year the plant will need a little more space. As for my land Ensure that sansevieria has a mixture of highly draining materials at its base: being a succulent plant it dislikes water stagnation.

sansevieria – photo by pixabay –

Fertilize the plant. In general, it is true that succulent plants do not need fertilizers to grow and mature, but fertilize them Sansevieria You will be able to help support its growth by providing it with i Nutrients necessary. Don’t fertilize your seedlings more than once or twice a month. Then make sure that the plant is in the correct position, that is, one that allows it to continue the process Photosynthesis without problems.

Help her this way and she will grow up in no time

sansevieria – photo by pixabay –

angle of house Well lit would be perfect. Finally, although succulents such as sansevieria do not require large amounts of water, watering is not an aspect to be underestimated. water it usingEarth appearance As a compass: dry land will correspond to Need water. Water it less in the winter months.

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