San Marino mobile phone. TMS and roaming in San Marino

We are abroad and we cannot go further. In the Small Republic of San Marino to present San Marino mobile phone. or etc., The local operator, one of the smallest telephone operators on the planet. UpGo’s journey to discover overseas telephony continues. You can find the entire ‘Telephony Abroad’ series at this link. In fact, today we have only traveled a few kilometers, because as we know, San Marino is an independent country located in Italy. In terminology they say pocketAny country completely surrounded by another country.

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Welcome to the ancient republic of San Marino, the oldest in the world. In these parts, they are keen to declare that they are not Italy and defend their independence even in the field of telecommunications in spite of many Invasions From our managers we will tell you in a few lines. In fact, San Marino has its own institutions, a similar system but still separate from the Italian system. There are two heads of state who are called rulers and they stay in office for very little time: just six months precisely because in San Marino, historically, there is a fear of excessive power in the hands of only one person. And because independence from Italy is only preserved in a full democracy. In these parts there are important principles and for this reason, even a smartphone distinguishes an abbreviation different from our name Tim, Vodafone, WindTre and Iliad. Here in the phone TMS prevail!

TMS, San Marino telephone operator

View on Monte Titano, Republic of San Marino

The country must have at least its own telephone company. Even in this small area there is a local operator even if from outside the boundaries, as we will soon see, trichromatic signals arrive. The San Marino player is called TMS, which is an acronym for San Marino Mobile Phone.

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TMS has its own network even if, thanks to the agreements concluded for some time with Telecom Italia, it is in fact a small part of the TIM network, With network code 222-01, Which has been recognized locally by smartphones as TMS. on the principle, TMS is a virtual mini managerWith its own brand, prices and services. And one a store Mono brand, active in the most populous city of the very small state: Borgo Maggiore.

TMS rates

Logo and home page of TMS, San Marino's telephone operator

Beyond the shop is the website (San Marino, of course, has its own domain extension.) The suggested prices are good but not exceptional, especially when compared to cheaper phone operators, such as Iliad and Ho Mobile. But it must be said that on Titan – The great mountain that houses the very small country – TMS is almost a monopoly. There are, officially, no other managers in San Marino. anyway…

Tim, WindTre, Vodafone and Iliad in San Marino

As we mentioned at the beginning, it’s not really the case that Team, Windter, Vodafone and Iliad are completely absent from San Marino. Residents of San Marino can in fact also activate the Sims of Italian phone operators since these are signaled It bounded and reaches even the sovereign territories of the small republic. Except that neither WindTre, Vodafone nor Iliad can activate antennas in the republic. Only TIM can under the above agreement with local TMS.

So it follows TMS takes it well, Tim idem (with the same network) while WindTre, Iliad and Vodafone must be satisfied with a signal coming from afar, wobbly and struggling especially in the small streets of the medieval city of San Marino, the capital and historical center of the republic of the same name.

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In most of the outer castles the Italian grids work well. Ah, here they are called Castelli, Towns, small counties that make up the local authorities of a smaller state. There are nine castles in San Marino in total.

Strolling San Marino

The blue and white flag of San Marino

So, we said that TMS is exploiting the TIM operator code that thus provides the small San Marino operator with all of its technology support. Therefore, TMS, the only operator, uses the Italian operator symbol. So the San Marino Telephone System is fully integrated with the Italian system. Hence, it follows Here in San Marino, Italians don’t pay for international roaming. Tim uses his own network in the Republic (with TMS) while Iliad, WindTre and Vodafone users have to be content with receiving the signal coming from Italy. So don’t walk around on TMS.

And San Marino citizens don’t pay it because when they’re here in Italy they still use TMS partner: TIM. With the same guaranteed TMS rates at home. A prerequisite, given that San Marino citizens cross into Italy very easily, due to the small size of the territory.

Prima Experience, San Marino Telecom

For a few years, TMS, a small domestic monopoly, had a competitor: San Marino Telecom Which, however, tried to work with the brand Prima SM (A name that conceals a certain amount of San Marino supremacy). This operator had its own network and even in this case the San Marino operator code completely independent and complete. With Network code Prima, which was autonomous, technically needed to go international roaming in Italy. That is why it has benefited from two separate agreements, with Wind and Vodafone. The mutual agreement and thus the customers of these two operators went to the territory of San Marino to roam with Prima, thus they could enjoy a local network. Well, independence but an infrastructure completely separate from Italy did not allow Prima to keep its accounts in good shape, sank in a short time and left TMS alone to manage the roughly 30 thousand residents of the republic.

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Our journey in the small country ends here. A small country, but rich in traditions and idiosyncrasies. We hope you enjoyed this post. Now space for your comments. Have you ever been to San Marino? Have you ever seen the historic change of a ranger in Palazzo Pubblico? Have you ever browsed with your smartphone in this small situation?

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