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San Marino: British MPs visit Titano-Emilia-Romagna

Cooperation began on post-Brexit issues of common interest

(ANSA) – Rome, 12 October – Members of the House of Commons belonging to the UK-San Marino Parliamentary Friendship Group are visiting the Republic of San Marino.

The five British MPs from all parliamentary blocs are chaired by the Chair of the Friendship Group, Mr. Andrew Rosendale. The delegation will also be attended by representatives from the UK’s economic and financial community, “to underscore the interest and desire to enhance bilateral cooperation at the broader institutional level”.

British Parliamentarians were received by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Luca Beccari, with whom they focused on the many areas of existing cooperation, both bilateral and multilateral. Exchanges in the health, commercial, tourism, cultural and financial fields are at the heart of the talks with Beccari as well as the interest in exploring common paths in Europe”, with a concrete readiness to open up to a lasting and fruitful dialogue, in Parliament and at the institutional level, capable of carrying out strategic cooperation in order to effectively restart the link between the Kingdom United and the Republic of San Marino”. The open confrontation between the two countries is underlined in the ability to advance their political and economic agendas in the post-Brexit era. Rosendel then noted “a shared feeling of love for the freedom of the two countries and a full readiness to promote a significant acceleration towards new cooperation projects.”

The British delegation was received by Captain Regent Francesco Musoni and Giacomo Simoncini. (Dealing).

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